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This page details any significant bugs reported for Mystic. It's recommended that you always run the latest release of Mystic and those files can be found on Mystic BBS website.

Mystic 1.12 A43

There is a known bug in Mystic 1.12 A43 that appeared from 1 Jan 2020 onward.

Incorrect data deletion since 1 Jan 2020

The bug covers two MUTIL functions PurgeUserBase and PurgeMessageBases and relates to the way Mystic incorrectly calculates dates when looking to purge inactive users or messages by age.

The bug sees Mystic assuming any year that is less than 20 (e.g. 2019) as being part of the 21st century (e.g. 2019) while years that are 20 or greater are seen to be part of the 20th century (e.g. 1920).

This means that if either function is called, data is being incorrectly purged from the BBS.

In the case of PurgeUserBase if a user has a last logged in date of 2020 in their data, Mystic looks at this as 1920 and incorrectly purges users when a rule such as the example below from mutil.ini is applied.

	; Mark users for deletion that haven't called in days.
	; This value cannot be less than 7
	days = 180

In the case of PurgeMessageBases if a message base is set up to retain messages for a number of days (e.g. 365) then Mystic incorrectly calculates the age of messages posted in the year 2020 as being from 1920 and removes them.

+ Jan 03 00:45:06    ALLFIX File Announce
+ Jan 03 00:45:06      Purge by age: 365
! Jan 03 00:45:06      Purge #1001 date 01/01/20 days 36527
! Jan 03 00:45:06      Purge #1002 date 01/01/20 days 36527
! Jan 03 00:45:06      Purge #1003 date 01/01/20 days 36527

If you are using Mystic 1.12 A43 it's recommended that you:

  • Do not use the PurgeUserBase function at all.
  • Do not set Max Msg Age in message bases and then run the PurgeMessageBases function.
  • Upgrade your BBS to a newer version of Mystic BBS - check the Mystic BBS website for updates.

Note: If you still wish to use Mystic 1.12 A43 it is still OK to use the PurgeMessageBases function with the Max Msgs option. This option of purging does not rely on a date but rather just looks at the total number of messages in a base when deciding on how many to purge. That said, you really should update to the latest version to get the benefit of bug fixes and new features.

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