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Generate top callers, posters, downloaders, uploaders, PCR

The '[GenerateTopLists]' stanza tasks MUTIL with creating a number of statistical lists that you can in turn display to your users of your Mystic BBS.

The top list generator can generate up to top 99 for various different statistics. Each individual top file can be enabled or disabled and can each have their own template files that are totally configurable!

To enable this function you modify the '[general]' stanza as follows:


GenerateTopLists        = true

There a several switches you can configure that relate to this function.

Create an exclude list that specifies the user names that are NOT to be included in the output of the 'top list' templates. The contents of this exclude list file should be created with one user name per line. Lines that begin with a ; are considered comments.

exclude_list = mutil.toplist.exclude.txt

Set a user name for “no one” when for example you have 3 users and make a top 10 list.

no_user = No one

Set the sort order of the lists. You can use this to calculate top or bottom 99. 1=top


General Tips

The number of items in each list is determined by the template. It could be any number between 1 and 99.

In the templates use @NA01-99 for name and @DA01-99 for numerical data @DE returns the value set as _desc in the configuration. You can look at the provided template as an example.

namelen and datalen define the width the MCI code is padded to.

To define which template(s) should be created when this stanza is run by MUTIL you apply a true/false setting to each template where 1=enable for top_call, top_post, etc. and 0=disable (see examples below)

Top Callers
; configuration for top callers generator
; @NA=name  @DA=calls

top_call          = 1
top_call_template = mutil.toplist.txt
top_call_output   = topcallers.asc
top_call_desc     = Callers
top_call_namelen  = 30
top_call_datalen  = 10
Top Downloaders
; configuration for top downloads
; @NA=name  @DA=downloads

top_dl          = 1
top_dl_template = mutil.toplist.txt
top_dl_output   = topdownload.asc
top_dl_desc     = Downloaders
top_dl_namelen  = 30
top_dl_datalen  = 10
Top Uploaders
top_ul          = 1
top_ul_template = mutil.toplist.txt
top_ul_output   = topupload.asc
top_ul_desc     = Uploaders
top_ul_namelen  = 30
top_ul_datalen  = 10
Top Message Posters
top_post          = 1
top_post_template = mutil.toplist.txt
top_post_output   = topposts.asc
top_post_desc     = Posters
top_post_namelen  = 30
top_post_datalen  = 10
Top Posts Per Call
top_pcr          = 1
top_pcr_template = mutil.toplist.txt
top_pcr_output   = toppcr.asc
top_pcr_desc     = Posts Per Call
top_pcr_namelen  = 30
top_pcr_datalen  = 10
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