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Edit Filefix Help

This option allows you to edit the help text sent by Mystic BBS when a netmail addressed to Filefix is received from a Echomail Node that is known to your BBS.

Such Filefix netmails can contain in the body copy of the message a line simply stating %HELP

When Mystic detects such a netmail it will reply with a corresponding netmail with the help information contained in the filefixhelp.txt file. This file can be found in the mystic\data directory.

Here's a screen shot of the editor open.

                   File: c:\mystic\data\filefixhelp.txt
| Mystic BBS FileFix Help |---------------------------------------------------

 What is FileFix?

 FileFix is an automated response system which provides file networked nodes
 the ability to "self-service" their configuration.  Generally speaking, you
 will use FileFix to link and unlink file echo areas for export to you.

 How to use FileFix

 Simply address the message "To" field to "FileFix" and then supply your
 FileFix password on the subject line for authentication.

 Each line of the message content should consist of a single command which
 instructs FileFix to do something.  Each command will be processed and a
 result of that command will be included within a return Netmail response
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