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Embedded Python

Introducing Python

Mystic BBS has an embedded Python engine which allows for an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to creating modifications to BBS functionality, or even creating your own games.

Custom Python scripts can be executed by a menu command on any menu, and can also replace any prompt in a Theme's prompts file so that the script is executed instead of the prompt that normally we have been displayed. Python scripts can also be executed by MPL scripts and even other Python scripts as well.

This is a full implementation of Python, meaning you can use external modules to accomplish just about anything alongside with many built in BBS-related functions for user input/output, user security, BBS database access, and so on.

Why Python 2

For those familiar with Python, it is important to note that Mystic uses the 2.x style of Python. Even though there is a 3.0 version, the 2.x line was selected for a pretty long list of reasons at the time when support for Python was added into Mystic. Here are some of reasons 2.x was selected:

  • Better package support for Python 2.x
  • Python 2 is the default Python version used in the latest LTS versions of Ubuntu
  • Python 2 is the default Python version used in the latest of Apple's OS X
  • Proven stability over many years in production environments
  • The Python 2 syntax will not change, causing your scripts to break while the same cannot be said about Python 3

Installation and Getting Started

See the subsections of this documentation for information on installation, creating your first Python script, and a function reference.

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