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Merge nodelists in to Mystic format

The '[MergeNodeLists]' stanza instructs MUTIL to find the latest nodelists available in your Mystic system for the various message networks your BBS is connected to.

MUTIL then merges the results together in to a file that can be used by BBS users to look up members of any given message network and send addressed Netmail to them from your BBS.

To enable this function you modify the '[general]' stanza as follows:


MergeNodeLists       = true

To configure the '[MergeNodeLists]' stanza you must define a 'nodefile' statement for each message network carried by your Mystic BBS. There may be only one 'nodefile' statement per message network, per line. The nodefile value must contain the full path and the base filename of the nodelist used by any given message network.

Here's an example.


; Fidonet
; fsxNet
; Agoranet

In the above example Mystic will search for a Fidonet nodelist in c:\mystic\files\fdn\fdn_node and select the latest nodelist.### nodelist. This comparison is first done by checking the day extension. If the extension is archived (.z12, etc) it will be unarchived before comparison.

After decompressing, the 3-digit day extensions are compared, selecting the highest number. It will also compare the years of the file dates, and select the newest option. So if you have nodelist.025 dated 2013 and also nodelist.320 dated 2012, nodelist.025 will be selected.

The same process is then be repeated for the fsxnet.### nodelist and then again for the agoranet.### nodelist. Once all of the defined 'nodefiles' are processed, they will be merged together and copied to the file nodelist.txt located in Mystic's DATA directory.

If no nodelists are found, Mystic will not overwrite the current nodelist. Comments are stripped while merging to lower filesize and increase search performance.

The stanza contains a couple of Boolean switches that can be enabled or disabled.

;Strip nodes marked as DOWN?
strip_down = true

;Strip nodes marked as PRIVATE?
strip_private = true

The use of this stanza is recommended as part of a nightly or weekly maintenance process that can be set up and and run by the Mystic BBS Event Editor.

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