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Edit Hack Warning

This option uses the inbuilt Mystic BBS text editor to open and edit hackwarn.txt

This file allows you modify a template message that is sent to users when Mystic detects their account may have been hacked.

Below is a screenshot of the Mystic editor in action.

                       File: c:\mystic\data\hackwarn.txt
 This is an automated E-mail sent to users when an unsuccessful attempt to
 login has occurred.  This could have been your own error, or possibly someone
 attempting to access your account without your knowledge.
 Here is some information our system has logged from this attempt:
         Date: |DA
         Time: |TI
   IP Address: |UY
     Hostname: |UX
  ESC/Menu     ^J Jump   ^W Where   ^Y Delete   ^K Cut   ^U Uncut           1/10
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