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Post text files to message bases

The '[PostTextFiles]' stanza tasks MUTIL with posting a text file(s) to a message base(s).

This can be a useful tool if you wanted to automate an announcement to an Echomail area. For example a weekly posting of an advertisement about your Mystic BBS to a message base(s) of your choosing.

Note: If you wish to use this function to post ANSI files to a message base, the ANSI file must be saved with a line length of 79 characters or less. Not all ANSI editors have this capability, but Mystic BBS has a built in ANSI editor that does. Load the ANSI into the Mystic ANSI editor and then save it, setting the “Line Length” to 79 characters on the save dialog.

To enable this function you modify the '[general]' stanza as follows:


PostTextFiles = true

You begin by defining the total number of text files to be posted when MUTIL is run.

totalfiles = 2

There are a number of switches to define when setting this function up. This needs to be done for each file you have defined in the line above. Let's have a look at the switches in detail:

The name of the file you wish Mystic to post.

file1_name = myfirstfile.txt

The permanent index of message base to post to.

The baseidx is the permanent index of the message base to post the message into (shown as Index at the top of the message base editor in Mystic's configuration.

file1_baseidx = 2

Who the post is from.

file1_from = Sysop

Who the post is addressed to.

file1_to = All        

The subject of the post.

file1_subj = My subject

The network address of the posting system.

file1_addr = 0:0/0 

Should Mystic auto delete the source text file after posting it's contents to the message base?

file1_delfile = false

You repeat this format within the stanza for each file you wish Mystic to post. For example:

file2_name    = mysecondfile.txt   
file2_baseidx = 2            
file2_from    = Sysop        
file2_to      = All          
file2_subj    = My subject   
file2_addr    = 0:0/0        
file2_delfile = false        
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