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Edit IP Whitelist

This option uses the inbuilt Mystic BBS text editor to open and edit whitelist.txt This file allows you to set IP addresses that you wish to always allow a connection to your Mystic BBS servers.

Below is a screenshot of the Mystic editor in action.

                    File: c:\mystic\data\whitelist.txt
; WHITELIST.TXT: IP Address immunity list
; This file should have one IP address per line.  Each address can be an IPV4
; or IPV6 address, and can contain wildcards.  For example: 127.* would allow
; any IPV4 address that begins with 127 to be immune to any type of IP
; blocking. "014f:*" would whitelist any IPV6 address that starts with 014f:░░░

;Allow fsxNet HUB 21:1/100

 Press ESCAPE for Menu                                              Line 6 of 6
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