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Toss TIC+files into BBS and to subscribed downlinks

The '[Filetoss]' stanza tasks MUTIL with processing .TIC files found in your defined 'Inbound Echomail' path.

MUTIL then will move/upload those files to the appropriate file bases (optionally creating them) in Mystic. Files are then further tossed to the fileboxes of all downlinks that are connected to a file base.

To enable this function you modify the '[general]' stanza as follows:


Filetoss           = true

There a several switches you can configure that relate to this function.

Bad Files

Directory where failed files are moved, or comment out to disable archive of failed files. This includes incorrect file sizes, bad CRC, missing area when auto-create is disabled, duplicate files, unsecured, etc.

Unsecure Files

This setting instructs Mystic to toss .TIC files from the defined unsecure directory in addition to secure inbound directory.

This setting uses a Boolean True or False switch.

unsecure_dir = false

This next setting if set 'true' tasks MUTIL to process files that are FROM an unknown node. If 'false', they will be moved to the 'bad' directory or deleted depending on configuration. An 'unsecure' node is one that is not directly configured as an Echonode within your Mystic configuration.

This setting uses a Boolean True or False switch.

allow_unsecure = false
Default Description

What file description to use when no .DIZ, long description or description can be found from the file or .TIC file.

no_desc=No Description
Credited Uploader

This sets the name of the uploader to use when adding .TIC files into the local file bases in Mystic.

uploader=Mystic TIC
File Integrity Checks

These settings check size and CRC values supplied in .TIC file (if found) against the actual file. If the value does not match, then skip tossing the file (moving it to the 'bad' directory (if enabled))

This setting uses a Boolean True or False switch.

check_crc  = true
check_size = true
Honor REPLACE Option

If this is set to 'true', then Mystic will allow the REPLACE TIC option, which will remove and replace files by the specified file mask. This is useful if you only want to hold the latest copy of a file and ensure the previous version has been removed.

This setting uses a Boolean True or False switch.

allow_replace = true
Automatically Create New File Bases

If 'true', then Mystic will attempt to auto create file bases when a file is found for an Area that does not already exist. If an unknown file is found and this option is disabled, the file will be considered a failure, and will be ignored/moved to the 'bad' directory (if enabled)

This setting uses a Boolean True or False switch.

auto_create = true
Define Directory Prefix

The directory prefix for auto-created file bases.

This will be used with the areatag appended onto it, so for example if prefix was set to dir_prefix=c:\bbs\files\fdn_ and the areatag was “nodelist”, Mystic would create and the use path c:\bbs\files\fdn_nodelist\ and the datafile would be fdn_nodelist

dir_prefix = c:\mystic\files\fdn_

You then set a number of options as the default values MUTIL will apply when a file base is auto-created:

; Display file to use
dispfile     =
; Template to use
template     = ansiflst
; ACS to see the file base
acs_list       = s10
; ACS to use FTP to access the file base       
acs_ftp        = s10
; ACS to download files in the file base       
acs_download   = s20
; ACS to upload files to the file base       
acs_upload     = s50
; ACS to hatch files from the file base to connected nodes     
acs_hatch      = s50
; ACS to use the file base with sysop access        
acs_sysop      = s255
; true/false type values 0=false 1=true (newscan 2=forced)

; are downloads from this base 'free' or do they count against a d/load quota?
free_files    = 0
; should Mystic display the uploader of files in this base?
show_uploader = 1
; should Mystic include files in this base as part of a 'new files' scan?
new_scan      = 1
Define Specific Auto-Create Settings Based On Sender

If you want to create settings specific to certain node addresses that send your system messages - you can!

For example, if you wanted to auto create bases that were linked to your fsxNet feed using the fsxNet HUB address of 21:1/100 , you have defined fsxNet as file group #1 in the File Group Editor, you want non-validated users (s10) to see files in the base, but only validated users (s20) to be able to download. You would set something like the following:

21:1/100_bad_dir       = c:\mystic\files\badfile_fsxnet\
21:1/100_dir_prefix    = c:\mystic\files\fsxnet_
21:1/100_allow_replace = true
21:1/100_acs_list      = s10z1
21:1/100_acs_ftp       = s20z1
21:1/100_acs_download  = s20z1
21:1/100_acs_upload    = s255z1
21:1/100_acs_hatch     = s255z1
21:1/100_acs_sysop     = s255z1
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