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Automatically hatch a list of files to FDN

The '[AutoHatch]' stanza tasks MUTIL with automatically hatching / sending nominated files to Mystic echomail nodes connected to nominated file bases.

This can be a useful tool if you wanted to automate regular files to be sent to echomail nodes. E.g a weekly FTN style nodelist (e.g. FSXNET.Z33) or infopack or other files you want to ensure both new and old echomail nodes should possess locally on their systems.

To enable this function you modify the '[general]' stanza as follows:


AutoHatch           = true

For this function to work each file defined must already exist in a file base on your BBS. The syntax for each file to be hatched is defined on a individual line. The format is

      file=<base ID or echotag> | filename | replaces filename (optional)

An example of this might be:

      file=nodelist | fsxnet.z99 | fsxnet.z99
      file=3        |

The above will hatch two files.

One called fsxnet.z99 to be hatched to a filebase with an echotag of 'nodelist' and ensure the file being hatched replaced any prior file called fsxnet.z99 on the receiving echomail node.

The other from a file base on the BBS with an ID of 3 and send the file called located in that file base out to all connected echomail nodes.

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