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Import FIDONET.NA in to message bases

The '[Import_FIDONET.NA]' stanza tasks MUTIL with running a function that will bulk auto create a number of message bases in Mystic for you.

MUTIL looks to a specially formatted text file that you specify. It's formatted with echoarea tag and a description of the message base. Mystic then will create the message bases contained in this file en-mass and quickly!

Here's an snippet from a .NA file set up for Fidonet echoareas

MOVIES              Movies & TV Discussion
MUFFIN              Maximus BBS Discussion And Support.
MYSTIC              Discussion and chat about the Mystic BBS software
NET_DEV             Fidonet Network Development
NFL                 National Football League scores, discussion, etc. 
NHL                 The National Hockey League Discussion Echo

To enable this function you modify the '[general]' stanza as follows:


Import_FIDONET.NA       = true

There a several switches you can configure that relate to this function.

The filename to read when running the import process.

; filename to import
  filename =

Should Mystic convert echoarea tags to lowercase?

; convert tags to lower case for message base filename  1=yes
  lowercase_filename = 1

The following options define the “default” values used when creating any new message bases. netaddress must match an exiting network address configured within Mystic BBS. default values are also taken from the system configuration for origin line, colors, etc.

In the example below we want newly created fsxNet message bases to have the address 21:1/123 (a node number you have been allocated), level 10 security and group 1 membership to see the message base and read it's content, level 20 security and group 1 membership to post to it etc.

; the network address to associate with the message base
  netaddress     = 21:1/123

; ACS to see the message base   
  acs_list       = s10g1
; ACS to read messages in the message base
  acs_read       = s10g1
; ACS to post a message in the message base 
  acs_post       = s20g1
; ACS to use the message base with sysop access
  acs_sysop      = s255g1
; Display header to use in message base
  header         = msghead
; Display template to use in message base
  read_template  = ansimrd
; Index template to use in message base
  index_template = ansimlst
; maximum messages to retain
  max_msgs       = 500
; maximum number of days to hold messages
  max_msgs_age   = 365
; true/false type values 0=false 1=true (newscan 2=forced)

; allow auto signatures in this base?
  use_autosig    = 1
; use real names in this base?  
  use_realname   = 0
; kill kludge lines in this base?   
  kill_kludge    = 1
; base is part of new messages scan?  
  new_scan       = 1
; base is part of new messages scan for QWK network?  
  qwk_scan       = 1  

; define message base format 0 = JAM
  base_format = 0
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