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Mystic BBS Systems

The following is a list of BBS systems known to be using Mystic BBS. This is may or may not be accurate, as it is entirely user-maintained by the readers of this Wiki.

NOTE: If you are editing the list to add your own BBS system, please make sure that you use the Preview function prior to saving so that you can be sure the formatting is correct, and that the list is displayed as expected.

BBS Name Sysop Name Telnet Address Operating System
Amateur Radio BBS Loony_Toonz Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Sector 7 g00r00 Private Windows 7
Cyberia BBS Gryphon Debian / RPi
Twinkle BBS Pequito Debian Linux/64
Agency BBS Avon
Error 404 BBS Solaris HTTP:// or telnet to (Space Alien Theme)
Error 1202 BBS Solaris HTTP:// or Telnet to (Apollo 11 Theme)
Distortion Jack Phlash Windows
Mystic Prison Board Zazz Windows 10 32bit
Black Flag Caphood Windows 10 32bit
FoRTKNoX MaDDoG Windows 10 32 bit
Never Never Land Rainman Windows Server 2003
The Vortex Haakon & Arelas Windows Server 2008 32bit
The Positronium Repository cMech Windows 7 Pro
Necronomicon BBS Necromaster Windows 10 64bit
THE VOiD Terra-X Windows/Linux
Dragon's Lair \/orlon Linux
Pie33 darkstar Linux
Saturn's Orbit Nighthawk Windows Server 2012 64-bit
SmokyThing BBS Gandor Linux
Datanet BBS rEApZ Debian Linux / RPi
Shadowscope BBS Captain Obvious Windows 10 64bit
NeedFul Things Cowboy0629 Gentoo/Linux 64bit
Frozen Pi BenMtl Debian Linux / RPi
Friends BBS UK Tony Debian 8
Lightning BBS Immortal Ubuntu Linux 64-Bit
The ByteXchange BBS nugax Ubuntu Server / Linux
Radio Freqs & Geeks BBS KB2MOB Ubuntu / Linux
The Search BBS Nristen Debian / RPi
EclipsE BBS JeeZ Windows 10 64-Bit
The Zone BBS Zarnock Windows 10
Leisure Time BBS Robert R Ubuntu Server / Linux
Miskatonic BBS Indrid Cold Debian Linux / RPi
Castle Rock BBS Black Panther Linux 64-Bit
Throwback BBS maskreet Windows 7
Temple of Syrinx syrinxcultist Private
National Incident Alerts NIA01 Windows
Another Droid BBS xqtr Debian /RPi Zero
Risky Business dude101 Xubuntu 64-bit
9640 News BBS Beery Windows 10 64 bit
Deep Space Gateway Sam Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Razz Pie BBS Denn Gray Raspian - Raspberry PI3
Archaic Binary BBS Zharvek Windows 2008 Server 32bit
The Quantum Wormhole MeaTLoTioN (TELNET) / (WEB) Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Ballon BBS BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen. Windows 10 64-Bit
Digital Wurmhole CyntaxX Debian / RPi3
The *HUMONGOUS* BBS nathanael Debian / RPi
Hamradio BBS lu9dce Slackware
Freeside BBS ℜą†ż Windows 7
Gerlach BBS ZaKlaus Ubuntu Linux/64
SLiME CiTY BBS m00p Windows 10
Star Collision BBS Zip Debian GNU/Linux 64-bit
Westwood BBS II Nuke Ubuntu Linux/64
cold fusion fusion - telnet/ssh/ssl Windows 10 32bit
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