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Pack and check integrity of file base listings

The '[PackFileBases]' stanza instructs MUTIL to examine the contents of all defined file bases created in a Mystic BBS system.

To enable this function you modify the '[general]' stanza as follows:


PackFileBases      = true

The stanza contains a couple of Boolean switches that can be enabled or disabled.

; If true, MUTIL will check to make sure files exist, and will update their
; file size in the listing, optionally removing missing files (remove_missing)

check_files = true

; If true, MUTIL will remove any files which do not exist from the file
; list database while checking integrity.  Otherwise they will be flagged as
; OFFLINE in the file listing.  0 byte files are considered "missing"

remove_missing = false

The use of this stanza is recommended as part of a nightly or weekly maintenance process that can be set up and and run by the Mystic BBS Event Editor.

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