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File Base Settings

This section of the Mystic BBS Configuration System allows the SysOp to configure a number of settings that apply to the file base system in Mystic BBS. Here you can define how you wish duplicate file checking to be handled as well as configure various Access Command System (ACS) settings. There are areas here that you will want to update from their default settings.

This example screen is from a Windows based system and displays the standard 'out of the box' settings that ship with the default installation.

       █▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ File Base Settings ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄
       █                                                                      █
       █  List Compression   │ Yes         Auto Validate    │ s0              █
       █  List Columns       │ 2           See Unvalidated  │ s255            █
       █  Bases in Groups    │ Yes         DL Unvalidated   │ s255            █
       █  Reshow File Header │ No          See Failed       │ s255            █
       █  Upload Dupe Scan   │ All         DL Failed        │ s255            █
       █  Upload Base        │ 0           See Offline      │                 █
       █  Description Lines  │ 99          Min Upload Space │ 0               █
       █  Import FILE_ID.DIZ │ Yes         Min CD-ROM Space │ 0               █
       █  Max Comment Lines  │ 10          Default Protocol │ Z               █
       █  Test Uploads       │ No                                             █
       █  Pass Level         │ 0                                              █
       █  Command Line       │                                                █
       █                                                                      █

List Compression

This option, if toggled on, will compress file area numbers so they are always sequential during a file area list. So in a file area list, if a user does not have access to area number 2, then the next area that the user does have access to will become area number 2.

List Columns

This option allows the number of columns used in the file area lists to be configured. Valid options are 1 or 2 columns.

Bases in Groups

If this setting is set to Yes then Mystic will calculate the number of bases found in each group. If set to No then it will skip it

Reshow File Header

This option specifies whether Mystic BBS will re-display the file header after a pause during standard file listings.

Upload Dupe Scan

This option specifies if the system scans new uploads for any existing files (duplicates) with the same name. If this is set to None, no dupe-scanning will take place. If it is set to Current Area, only the area the file was uploaded into will be scanned for duplicates. And lastly if it is set for All Areas, every file area will be scanned for duplicates. Be aware if MUTIL is tossing files that arrive with an accompanying .TIC file, and that .TIC contains a 'Replace' verb in it. The file will fail to toss in to it's intended base if the dupe-scanning is set to All and Mystic can see the file resides elsewhere in the BBS. If you intend to run some file bases with the same files in both it's best to set your dupe-scanning to Current.

Upload Base

This option defines the default upload base. When this is set to zero (disabled), all uploaded files will go into the user's currently selected file base. If set to a non-zero value, all uploads will be uploaded to the set file base number (as listed in the file base editor).

Description Lines

This option defines the maximum number of file description lines which can be used for each file entry. It must be within the range of 1 to 99.


This option, if toggled on, will allow Mystic BBS to search all uploaded files for a FILE_ID.DIZ file. The FILE_ID.DIZ file is included in many archives and contains a description of the file. If this file is found, Mystic BBS will automatically read the description and use it as the file description in the file listing.

Max Comment Lines

Sets the maximum number of lines that file comments are allowed to be. This is now depreciated since the 1.12 Alpha 3.

Test Uploads

Mystic BBS optionally supports external upload testing. An upload processor is a program which will search a file for viruses and/or errors which may have occurred during the file transfer. If this option is toggled to Yes, Mystic BBS will attempt to run the external processor after all uploaded files.

Pass Level

This option defines the Errorlevel which is returned by the external file processor if the file has passed all testing successfully. For more information, see the documentation included with the upload processor you wish to use.

Command Line

This option defines the command line which is used to run the external file processor. The following MCI codes can be used with this command line: %1 = Modem ComPort. %2 = Modem Baud Rate. %3 = Path and File Name of file to be tested. For more information, see the documentation included with the upload processor you wish to use.

Note: As of Mystic 1.12 A31 the MCI codes that work with the command line are uncertain. There have been recent changes to DOOR MCI codes that likely impact this. I did find this reference in a WHATSNEW.TXT from 1.10 “MCI codes for doors and related that normally put a baud rate or comport will now default to 38400 baud and COM1 unless it is a local login.” Avon 17/4/17

Auto Validate

This option defines the ACS string a user must pass in order for the files they upload to be marked as validated. If they do not pass this ACS string, the files will be marked as unvalidated.

See Unvalidated

This option defines the ACS string a user must pass in order for unvalidated files to appear in a file listing.

DL Unvalidated

This option defines the ACS string a user must pass in order to download a file that is marked as unvalidated.

See Failed

If upload testing is toggled on and a file fails the upload test, they will be marked as “failed”. This option defines the ACS a user must have to see files which have failed the upload test in their file listing.

DL Failed

This option defines the ACS a user must meet in order to download a file which has been marked as “failed”.

See Offline

This option defines the ACS string a user must pass in order to see files marked by Mystic as offline.

Min Upload Space

Mystic BBS has the option to refuse to accept uploaded files when drive space gets low. This option sets the number of kilobytes that must exist in order for Mystic BBS to accept uploads. If this option is set to zero (0), it will be disabled.

Min CD-ROM Space

This option specifies the number of kilobytes which must be available on the BBS drive for Mystic BBS to use it's CD-ROM copy feature. When a file area is marked as a “CD-ROM” file area, Mystic BBS will attempt to copy files from the CD-ROM to the temporary directory before a user downloads it. This is a legacy feature designed to keep the access to the CD-ROM drive minimal, since CD drives are slower than a hard drive.

Default Protocol

Sets the default hotkey download protocol.

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