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Mass upload files to all file bases

The '[MassUpload]' stanza tasks MUTIL with running a function that searches all configured file directories for new files and uploads them in to your Mystic BBS. It will attempt to import FILE_ID.DIZ using the configured archivers if the option is enabled.

To enable this function you modify the '[general]' stanza as follows:


MassUpload         = true

There a several switches you can configure that relate to this function.

The default name to display of who uploaded the file.

; Name to save has the uploader
uploader_name = Mystic BBS

Should Mystic try to import a file description from a FILE_ID.DIZ file if it finds one in the file archive it's importing?

; Import FILE_ID.DIZ?  1=yes
import_fileid = 1

What should Mystic display as a description when no FILE_ID.DIZ is found?

; No description string used when no FILE_ID.DIZ is imported.
no_description = No Description

What files should Mystic ignore when running the mass upload?

; Ignore list one file mask per line (allows * and ? wildcards)
; Uncomment the lines you wish Mystic to process.

; ignore = files.bbs
; ignore = *.readme
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