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Generate all files listing

The '[GenerateAllFiles]' stanza requests MUTIL scan all defined file bases in your Mystic BBS and create a complete listing of all files contained in each base.

This can be a useful report to make available to users of your BBS.

To enable this function you modify the '[general]' stanza as follows:


GenerateAllFiles     = true

There is one switch available that defines the path and filename of the text file Mystic is to create when this function is run. If the path is not included then the file will be created in whatever the current working directory is for Mystic.

filename = allfiles.txt

The output of the report totals the numbers of files in each file base and the overall HDD space used by each base. The report ends with a overall summary of the total bases, total number of files, and the total HDD used by all files across all bases.

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