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Configuring Mystic BBS

Configuring Mystic BBS can initially seem a bit daunting, but take heart, it's really quite simple!

There are essentially two places that you should review and configure your Mystic BBS system:

  • The Mystic Utilities MUTIL system that allows for .ini configuration files to created to enable multiple Mystic BBS functions.
  • The Mystic BBS Configuration System which can be accessed by invoking the following command:

This section of the Wiki focuses on the Mystic BBS configuration system and the various menu options available to you.

There are five top level menu options you can select from:

[The items below will have specific pages created for each of them, this page/section is a work in progress]



  • Internet Server Options
  • Edit MIS2 Servers
  • Telnet Server Options
  • FTP Server Options
  • POP3 Server Options
  • SMTP Server Options
  • NNTP Server Options
  • BINKP Server Options


  • User Editor
  • Menu Editor
  • Theme/Prompt Editor
  • Message Base Editor
  • Message Group Editor
  • File Base Editor
  • File Group Editor
  • Security Level Editor
  • Archive Editor
  • Protocol Editor
  • Event Editor


  • About


  • Exit
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