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Import FILEBONE.NA into file bases

The '[Import_FILEBONE.NA]' stanza tasks MUTIL with running a function that will bulk auto create a number of file bases in Mystic for you.

MUTIL looks to a specially formatted text file that you specify. It's formatted with area tag and a description of the file base. Mystic then will create the files bases contained in this file en-mass and quickly!

Here's an example of a .NA file that comes from fsxNet

% File Echo                   Description
Area FSX_NODE  0     !      Weekly Nodelists (fsxNet, etc.)
Area FSX_INFO  0     !      Weekly Infopacks (fsxNet, etc.)
Area FSX_MYST  0     !      Mystic BBS Software
Area FSX_MUTL  0     !      Mystic BBS Utils, Mods etc.
Area FSX_SOFT  0     !      BBS Software (Current + Legacy)
Area FSX_UTLS  0     !      BBS Utils, Tools, Networking etc.
Area FSX_DOOR  0     !      BBS Doors, Games etc.
Area FSX_ARTS  0     !      ANSI Art - Groups, Individuals etc.
Area FSX_TEXT  0     !      Text Files (Various)
% End of FSXNet Fileecho List

To enable this function you modify the '[general]' stanza as follows:


Import_FILEBONE.NA      = true

There a several switches you can configure that relate to this function.

The filename to read when running the import process.

; filename to import
  filename =

Should Mystic convert area tags to lowercase?

; convert tags to lower case for message base filename  1=yes
  lowercase_filename = 1

Define the root directory to create file paths under.

When a new filebone echo is found, mUtil will create a file using “root_dir” + areatag. So for example if root is “c:\mystic\filebase\” and the areatag is MYSTICBBS it will create “c:\mystic\filebase\MYSTICBBS”. This root directory MUST exist.

root_dir = c:\mystic\files\

The following options define the “default” values used when creating any file bases.

In the example below we want newly created fsxNet file bases to have level 10 security and group 1 membership to see the file base and see its contents, level 20 security and group 1 membership to download it from the BBS and level 30 security and group 1 membership access to pull it down via FTP.

Note that file group codes use the 'Z' ACS code whereas message groups use the 'G' ACS code. For more about this, take a look at the Mystic Access Control page on the wiki. It's an easy mistake to make otherwise when you're setting things up! :-)

; File to display when accessing this file base
  dispfile     =

; Temple to use when displaying this file base
  template     = ansiflst

; ACS to see the file base   
  acs_list     = s10z1

; ACS to FTP from the file base
  acs_ftp      = s30z1

; ACS to download files from the file base
  acs_download = s20z1

; ACS to upload files to the file base
  acs_upload   = s255z1

; ACS to hatch files to connected echonodes
; this feature is under development
  acs_hatch    = s255z1

; ACS to use the message base with sysop access
  acs_sysop    = s255z1
; true/false type values 0=false 1=true (newscan 2=forced)

; Are downloaded files counted against a users download limits?
  free_files    = 0

; Display who uploaded the file in the file base?
  show_uploader = 1

; Should this file base be included in a new files scan?
  new_scan      = 1
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