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Mystic BBS Spell Checking

Note: Instructions and files needed can also be found on the Downloads page of the website: ==== Overview ==== Mystic BBS's full screen message editor has the ability to perform on-the-fly spell checking and word suggestions. While a user is entering a message, Mystic will perform checks on their typing and will highlight misspelled words and make suggestions to help guide the user to a correct spelling all in real time as they type. With the simple press of a hotkey, Mystic will pop up a list box of suggested words where the user can select the correct word. Mystic will then take the selected word and change the spelling in the actual message. Mystic's spelling engine allows for multiple dictionaries to be loaded together, so if you have Spanish as your primary language, you can also load a dictionary of English words at the same time. Mystic allows a custom dictionary file in plain text that can be used to easily add common words to any dictionary that is loaded regardless of its language. This can be very useful to include various BBS terms or acronyms which may not be found in an actual dictionary. ==== HunSpell Prerequisite ==== Mystic uses the Hunspell engine to assist in the capabilities described above. Hunspell is the same engine used by many very well known products such as the OS X operating system, Open Office, FireFox, and Chrome to name a few. Because of its wide usage, there are many existing dictionaries available for many different languages and dialects of languages. If English is your native language, then you will easily find dictionaries for US, Canadian, UK, and Australian dialects of English. The same holds true for many languages. ==== Installing HunSpell ==== In order for spell checking to enable, Hunspell must be installed and at least one dictionary must exist in Mystic's data directory.

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