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Edit New User Notify

This option uses the inbuilt Mystic BBS text editor to open and edit newletter.txt

This file allows you modify a template message that is sent to new users as BBS email just after the sign up for an account with Mystic.

Below is a screenshot of the Mystic editor in action.

                      File: c:\mystic\data\newletter.txt
 Welcome to the BBS, new user!
 This message is automatically placed in your Email box upon completing the
 account application.  It can be customized or simply removed from the data
 directory to disable this feature.
 If you are a new Sysop who has just installed Mystic, you will want to
 upgrade yourself to Sysop security level, and also load mystic -cfg to
 set your BBS name, sysop name, feedback options, etc.
 Note: You must press "D" to delete emails from your message box, otherwise
 they will be saved and shown to you upon each login.
  ESC/Menu     ^J Jump   ^W Where   ^Y Delete   ^K Cut   ^U Uncut           1/12
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