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Welcome to the Mystic BBS Wiki!

The information presented here is current as of the latest 1.12 alpha versions of Mystic BBS.

If you are considering installing Mystic from scratch we recommend you use the latest 1.12 alpha. It is far more feature rich and better developed than the now (much older) 1.11 version.

In general, most things documented will still apply to the current stable version of Mystic BBS (1.11) but there may be new or changed features in 1.12 mentioned here as well.

Release News

Mystic BBS 1.12 Alpha 36 was released on 3 December 2017.

The alpha introduced several significant changes to Mystic including:

  • A completely rebuilt and new looking MIS server (was called MIS2 during development)
  • New Python functions and MPL commands for Mystic
  • Local country blocking that works with IPV4 and IPV6
  • IPV6 support for outbound Fidopoll sessions
  • A new “IP Blocked” event type in the MIS event manager

It's recommended you check the latest additions to the WHATSNEW.TXT that ships with each Mystic release.

Getting Started

To get your Mystic BBS up and running head to the Installing Mystic BBS section of this Wiki and/or check out Mystic Guy on YouTube for further how-to videos.

Content Focus

Work is underway documenting the Configuring Mystic BBS and section of this site.

The Recent Changes link is your friend also to keep up with changes.

Wiki Errors

Spotted an error? Please let us know, email - avon [at]

Mystic Utilities (MUTIL) - completed documenting Mystic Utilities, otherwise known as “MUTIL” and the assorted functions you can run with this tool.

Installation - describes basic steps you need to take to get a Mystic BBS up and running. Also contains information about terminal configurations, enabling SSH/SSL servers, and how to set up the spell checking feature in your Mystic BBS.

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