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Welcome to the Mystic BBS Wiki!

The information presented here is current as of the latest 1.12 alpha versions of Mystic BBS.

Latest Releases

Mystic BBS 1.12 Alpha 45 was released 18 February 2020.

Changes, additions and fixes included:

  • Fixed broken outbound SSH (Menu command IS)
  • A new “Auto Whitelist IP” option in Login/Matrix settings.
  • Revamped the MUTIL startup code
  • Fixed a bug with Lightbar/Grid style menus
  • Fixed bug in Python setprompt function.
  • When entering Echomail addresses, Mystic will now automatically assign the Primary address if one isn't defined.

For the full details of all releases it's recommended you check the latest additions to the WHATSNEW.TXT that ships with each Mystic release.

Mystic BBS 1.12 Alpha 44 was released 4 February 2020.

Changes, additions and fixes included:

  • New Theme system making it very easy to create, update, and share custom themes.
  • New prompt editor!
  • Fixed year 2020 bug in Mystic 1.12 A43 that caused some wrong day calculations in places. Sysops running Mystic 1.12 A43 should upgrade as soon as possible.
  • MUTIL's MsgPurge now validates that messages are from or addressed to valid users if the base type is Private or the base allows for Private replies within the base.
  • Rewrote all FLO add/remove functions with improved file locking to address potential race conditions.
  • Improved detection of time expiration and connection loss during message and file scans
  • MIS and FIDOPOLL now save the last dates they interacted with an echomail node.
  • MPLC now has a -T option and a -F option.
  • Lots of new Python functions!

Getting Started

To get your Mystic BBS up and running head to the Installing Mystic BBS section of this Wiki and/or check out Mystic Guy on YouTube for further how-to videos.

Mystic BBS currently supports Windows (32/64-bit), Linux (32/64-bit), Mac OSX, ARMHF Linux (Raspberry Pi / ODroid, etc).

Content Focus

Work is underway documenting the Configuring Mystic BBS section of this site along with updates to already created sections of the wiki. The Other section along with the Servers section have been mostly completed. Work is now focused on the Editors section.

The Recent Changes link is your friend to keep up with latest changes.

Looking for Something?

The Wiki search is very helpful when it comes to finding something specific. It will search across all of the Wiki. A large chunk of the content here spans documented changes to Mystic that feature across assorted WHATSNEW.TXT updates. The Wiki search offers a quick way to find something specific you're looking for across all of those entries vs. manually looking in each.

Wiki Errors

Spotted an error? Please let us know, email - avon [at]

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