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 If you spot something you think looks amiss with these notes please contact us using the contact info found on this Wiki. If you spot something you think looks amiss with these notes please contact us using the contact info found on this Wiki.
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== 1.12 Alpha 43 =====
 + + Mystic now has two new door MCI codes:
 +     %A - Returns the user's realname with spaces replaced with underscores
 +     %B - Returns the user's realname
 + + Expanded the BBS domain from 25 to 45 characters.
 + + Mystic will now inform you if you try to edit a message that has already
 +   been sent.  It already informs you if the message was sent while you were
 +   ​editing it (which tends to happen if you have messages set to send on save
 +   as opposed to logoff).
 + + Mystic'​s private user to user chat system now has a split screen chat
 +   ​option. ​ A new template userchat.ini and userchat.ans are required now to
 +   be accessible by your theme otherwise your user to user chat will not
 +   ​work. ​ See the default installation for these new files.
 + + Mystic now has Mystic-DOS, a built in command shell console that allows
 +   for various disk and BBS functions within a command shell interface that
 +   ​mimics both Bash and MS-DOS/​Windows shell commands. ​ Disk management,
 +   ​executing MPL and Python scripts, snooping and chatting with users on
 +   other nodes, editing ANSI and text files, etc.
 +   A new menu command *D has been added but it cannot be executed unless the
 +   user has a security level of 255.
 + ! Fixed a bug in Mystic Python that would cause a crash whenever the
 +   ​msg_open function failed to open or create a message base.
 + ! Fixed a bug in Mystic wildcard match functions and increased speed by a
 +   good amount.
 + + (when country blocking is enabled)Mystic now logs the user's country in the node log along with their IP
 +   and hostname
 + + The install program now has an "​extract"​ function to go along with the
 +   ​replace function. ​ Type "​install help" for more details.
 + + MUTIL now has an AutoHatch function to automate periodic hatching
 +   of files from the file base.  See default mutil.ini for more information.
 + + New SysOp menu command: *3 This allows a SysOp to snoop (watch) a user on
 +   ​another node.
 + + You can now press CTRL-E when editing menu settings on the Display File
 +   field to open up the ANSI editor.
 + ! In various places whenever a file rename or move needs to occur, Mystic
 +   will first try a fast move and if it fails, it will attempt to copy the
 +   file to the new destination and then delete the original.
 + + When reading forced message bases, Mystic will now allow the user to quit
 +   ​reading if they'​ve already read all of the messages.
 + + Mystic Message Base and File Base editors now have an /U Unsubscribe option
 +   This command will automatically generate an Areafix or Filefix Netmail
 +   ​request to unsubscribe from a base (and option to delete the base after)
 + + The Echomail node editor now has three new options in the / menu:
 +     1 - Send Areafix request to the selected node
 +     2 - Send Filefix request to the selected node
 +     3 - Send Netmail message to Sysop of the selected node
 +   All of these will allow you to quickly and easily contact an Echomail node
 +   to communicate with the SysOp or to add/remove message and file bases or
 +   ​anything else the Area/​Filefix commands allow without having to fumble
 +   ​around with addresses and passwords!
 + + System Configuration now has a log file viewer option in the Other menu
 +   next to the Text and ANSI editors.
 + + New Menu command: *4 This opens the log file viewer
 + + Text editor now has a (CTRL+J) Jump to Line number option
 + + Text editor now has a (CTRL+W) Where function which allows full boolean
 +   line searching using paranthesis and &|! operators
 + + Text editor now has a (CTRL+A) Again function which repeats the last
 +   Where function again
 + ! MUTIL was not adding a NULL at the end of the last PKT when doing a rescan
 +   of message bases.
 + + When importing and forward netmail, MUTIL will now allow an address to be
 +   ​defined,​ allowing Netmail to a certain name on the current setup to be
 +   ​forwarded to different name and/or network node.  See default MUTIL.INI for
 +   more information.
 + + New menu command "​UF"​ Edit Twit Filter. ​ This allows a user to edit their
 +   twit filter, which is a list of users whose messages will be automatically
 +   ​skipped when reading message bases. ​ Each user can define up to 50 users
 +   they wish to ignore.
 + + MUTIL now creates and removes BUSY data before and after processing TIC
 +   files and hatches.
 + ! Fixed a bug when using the save file to message menu command where Netmail
 +   ​messages were not properly being flagged as private.
 + + The SysOp name in the EchoMail node editor can now have an address appended
 +   to it, and Mystic will send the message to that address when using the
 +   "​NetMail SysOp" option. ​ So if the Echomail node address is 21:1/100 but
 +   when you use the Netmail to SysOp function you want to send it to 21:1/101
 +   ​instead because 1:/100 is a hub only, then you can set the SysOp name to
 +   "​Avon@21:​1/​101"​ to override the address.
 +    <ALPHA 1.12 A43 RELEASED -- March 2019>
 +</​code> ​  
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