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-   + 
 +===== 1.12 Alpha 46 ===== 
 + + Mystic Linux version no longer uses command line options for password 
 +   during RLOGIN and SSH sessions.  It now privately passes using a 512 
 +   bit hash. 
 + - The old MI Message Index Reader has been removed and replaced with the 
 +   newer Index reader.  This "new" index reader has been in Mystic to be 
 +   tested under the M! menu command for more than a year so it is time to 
 +   get rid of the old.  The default template is msg_index so you should 
 +   copy msg_index.ans and msg_index.ini during upgrade if you haven't yet. 
 + + Mystic's BINKP server now has an "SSL Port" option which when set to a 
 +   non-zero value will also run the BINKP server in direct SSL mode. 
 + - Removed the Opportunistic BINKP SSL/TLS extension support as Mystic was 
 +   the only known software to support it and it was unlikely other software 
 +   would adopt it.  Maybe I'll bring it back someday as I do prefer this 
 +   method of BINKP server. 
 + + Mystic's BINKP server now allows the "Port" option to be set to 0 to 
 +   disable non-SSL connections when used in combination with the SSL Port 
 +   option, so that Mystic will only accept SSL BINKP connections. 
 + + FIDOPOLL and EchoMail node entries now have a "Use SSL" option which flags 
 +   whether or not the node being configured for BINKP is an SSL BINKP node or 
 +   not.  Note: The default port for BINKP SSL is 24553. 
 + ! Fixed a bug where stale .BSY files were not getting deleted properly. 
 + ! Fixed a potential incompatiblity issue with some versions of Cryptlib. 
 + ! Fixed an issue where a file that contains "file_id.diz" in its filename but 
 +   is not an exact match could get left in the temp directory when uploading 
 +   files. 
 + + MIS now has a replacement for FIDOPOLL built into it and is accessible by 
 +   the "POLL" command line.  This still supports BINKP, BINKPSSL, FTP and 
 +   Directory connections and has the "send "force" and poll by address lookup 
 +   options contained in the original. 
 +   The benefits here besides having one less binary as part of the Mystic 
 +   package is that it has a better user interface, better logging, and can 
 +   have an unlimited number of concurrent outbound connections (defaulting 
 +   to 5, configurable under Servers > General Options). 
 +   For example if you have 2 FTP uplinks and 5 BINKP nodes that all have mail 
 +   you can run the "mis poll send" command line it will attempt to send to all 
 +   7 nodes at the simultaneously instead of one after the other. 
 +   Eventually FIDOPOLL will be replaced so it may be a good idea to switch 
 +   over to using this sometime soon. 
 + + When attempting to connect to an outbound mail server, MIS will now wait 
 +   only 6 seconds, down from 10 before assuming the connection is unavailable 
 + + MUTIL MsgLink no longer spams every single message base into the logging 
 +   regardless of loglevel.  Only the base name will be shown if there were 
 +   messages actually linked within that base (level 2) and a list of the 
 +   actual links (level 3) 
 + + MIS POLL now tracks send and receive file statistics (number of files and 
 +   size) for FTP-based FTN transmission. 
 + + MIS POLL now tracks connection errors for outbound connections for both 
 +   FTP and BINKP style connections. 
 + + New MUTIL function [EchoNodeTracker] can be used for various HUB-related 
 +   utilities to automate downlink management.  Features include: 
 +      - Suspending echomail nodes based on days of inactivity 
 +          - Optionally unlinking message/file base subscriptions 
 +          - Optionally deleting their entire outbound mail queue 
 +      - Changing mail and filebox crash nodes to hold-only after a set 
 +        number of failed outbound connection attempts 
 +      - Automated resetting of echomail tracking statistics after X days 
 +   See default MUTIL.INI [EchoNodeTracker] stanza for more information. 
 + + When changing a node from "Inactive" to "Active" in the Echomail node 
 +   editor, Mystic will now ask if you'd like to reset the node's statistics. 
 + + EchoNode editor now shows a "Crash Errors" statistic which is the number 
 +   of failed outbound connect attempts since last reset. 
 + + CHATx.DAT files now include the Process ID of the current process running 
 +   the node and the updated field now uses a Unix timestamp. 
 + + Users now have a new flag that when set to Yes will always log them in as 
 +   invisible, bypassing the login as invisisble prompt when set to Yes. 
 + ! Fixed a bug with BINKP where Mystic could send a 0 byte length data frame 
 +   if a file size was exactly evenly divisible by the buffer size. 
 + + Mystic now allows the -Nx command line to be supplied to force a specific 
 +   node number if you want to log into it.  You should still not use this and 
 +   let Mystic manage the number numbers itself, but I've added this for those 
 +   that seem to be trying to do this for some reason. 
 + ! Fixed a bug with SSL and BINKP where the data frame size could be 
 +   improperly calculated under severely throttled/poor latency connections. 
 + + Two new Python functions: msg_getlr and msg_setlr to get and set the 
 +   lastread pointer for the currently opened message base. 
 +     Syntax: msg_getlr (msgbase, userID) returns last read message 
 +         Ex: lastread = msg_getlr(msgbase, user["id"]) 
 +     msgbase is the open message base pointer returned by msg_open 
 +     userID is the user's unique ID found in the "id" field of a user 
 +     lastread is a signed 32-bit integer of the last read message which can 
 +     be passed to msg_seek, for example. 
 +     Syntax: msg_setlr (msgbase, userID, userHandle, lastread) 
 +         Ex: msg_setlr (msgbase, user["id"], user["handle"], lastread) 
 +     The user handle should always be passed (not the real name) as this value 
 +     will be hashed as required when a new last read record needs to be added 
 +     for the user. 
 + ! When deleting an Echomail node, Mystic was not delinking the nodes from 
 +   file bases causing an "Unknown node" message to appear in file bases. 
 + + Revamped group configuration.  Group names have been expanded to 80 
 +   characters.  Groups now have new ShortName field (40 characters).  Groups 
 +   now have a InfoFile field (40 characters), and each group's Hidden boolean 
 +   has been changed to a flags field. 
 + + New MCI code: <pipe>FS returns the current file group short name 
 + + New MCI code: <pipe>MS returns the current message group short name 
 + + MPL groups now have "groupshort" and "groupinfo" and "groupflags" variables 
 + + Python groups now have "shortname" "infofile" and "flags" entries in the 
 +   group dictionary. 
 + + MIS.LOG now has configurable log rolling in the System Configuration > 
 +   Servers > Logging section. 
 + + POLL.LOG now has configurable log rolling in the System Configuration > 
 +   Servers > Logging section. 
 + + When using GOSUB/RETURN with Lightbar menus, Mystic will now remember your 
 +   last selected item and return the cursor position to it when returning. 
 +   If you want to reset the cursor, use /CURSOR on the data field of your GR 
 +   menu command. 
 + ! MIS was not refusing to run if the Mystic BBS data files did not match the 
 +   version of MIS. 
 + ! When in the text editor in view only mode, the backspace key was still 
 +   working in edit mode. 
 + ! Mystic was being way too aggressive with SSL read/write timeout values 
 +   which may have caused some errors in SSL BINKP. 
 + + New option: "Ask Message Post" in message settings, when set to yes or no 
 +   determines if Mystic will ask users if they'd like to post after reading 
 +   a message base. 
 + + Mystic's message readers will now print all the maximum column width per 
 +   line instead of columns - 1.  This means that your message reading 
 +   template will need to not use the bottom line of the user's terminal for 
 +   message text or it will cause the user's terminal to scroll.  This may be 
 +   reverted back, but we'll see how it goes and how it effects people. 
 + ! When toggling show kludges (V) in the standard message reader, Mystic was 
 +   not automatically displaying the message. 
 + + Max number of simultaneous poll connections is now configurable in the 
 +   Servers > General Options section of System Configuration 
 + + When tossing TIC files, the dir_prefix can now be defined by source address 
 +   as with other settings. 
 + + New command line option -AUTH <user> <password> checks the supplied user 
 +   and password and prints TRUE if the user exists and password matches or 
 +   FALSE otherwise and then immediately exits. 
 + ! Fixed a bug in Linux versions where Mystic would couldn't find files in the 
 +   file base when hatching a file, despite it actually existing. 
 + ! Fixed a bug that could cause some long lines in echomail packets to get 
 +   truncated at 255 characters when tossing messages. 
 + ! Fixed a bug in the FTP server that would confuse some FTP clients when 
 +   closing a data connection (sending two 226 responses after successful 
 +   transfer). 
 + + Mystic now allows a single message base to be assigned to a QWK network 
 +   when operating as a hub, and a FidoNet style network.  Gating will be 
 +   automatic when configured for both. 
 + ! Fixed a bug when copying an event in the event editor that would cause it 
 +   to have the same unique ID as the original event.  This could cause some 
 +   events to save incorrectly.  When editing an event, all IDs should be 
 +   unique (the ID is shown at the top of the edit window). Review your events 
 +   and if you have any that have a duplicate ID you should either make a copy 
 +   and then delete the original or just delete the original and remake it so 
 +   all events have a unique ID. 
 + + MUTIL ImportEchomail now has a bad_packet setting which defines a directory 
 +   where bad packets are moved to when an error occurs during import. 
 + + New Python function: flush().  This forces any data currently in Mystic'
 +   outbound buffer to be sent to the remote client.  In almost all 
 +   circumstances Mystic handles this for you so this will not be needed. 
 + + New Python function: purgeinput().  This clears out any input currently in 
 +   Mystic's input buffer.  In most cases when doing any IO with the user Mystic 
 +   will handle this on its own. 
 + ! Mouse support was not working in Lightbar menus.  Not sure when this was 
 +   broken but it was probably when I changed how NetRunner mouse support 
 +   worked in Beta 19. 
 + + Msg listing and file listing was not working properly with mouse support 
 +   but I also changed it to allow clicking an already selected message or 
 +   file to read the message or flag the file respectively. 
 + + New MCI codes for setting high intensity background colors ON or OFF for 
 +   compatible terminals like NetRunner and SyncTerm: 
 +      CY - Turns iCE colors ON 
 +      CN - Turns iCE colors OFF 
 + + New Menu Command: XV.  This option allows the user to validate their 
 +   e-mail address from the Matrix login menu. 
 + + Users can now be created in the User Editor by using the CTRL+A hotkey 
 + + Updated the defaults for Matrix login so it no longer uses a Matrix 
 +   password by default. 
 + ! Fixed a bug in the QWKPOLL FTP client and the FTN FTP client that was 
 +   causing non-passive mode to fail. 
 + ! Fixed a display bug in the From field of routed Netmail messages. 
 + ! MIS was not resolving the "Country" of the connection when the IP address 
 +   was whitelisted. 
 + + Area/Filefix both now accept %QUERY which works the same as %LINKED 
 + ! Fixed a bug with the MPL compiler and the DateValid fuction 
 + + New users can now be created from the command line using the -NEWUSER 
 +   option followed by a series of attributes in any order: 
 +     mystic -newuser handle=myhandle "name=real name" pass=mypass 
 + level=10 
 +   Mystic will print TRUE or FALSE to STDIO depending on if the user was 
 +   successfully created or not.  The command line MUST have a handle, name, 
 +   and password attribute at a minimum for the create to succeed. 
 +   The level value will accept anything less than 250.  Any new user created 
 +   with a level of 250 or higher will be rejected. 
 + + The "hackwarn.txt", "newletter.txt" and "sysletter.txt" automatic messages 
 +   will now be sent from/to the "Feedback To" setting instead of using the 
 +   SysOp name setting. 
 + + When searching for a user name, typing "SYSOP" will now translate to the 
 +   "Feedback To" user setting instead of the SysOp Name. 
 + ! MUTIL PostTextFile was not using the default Origin line when the base'
 +   origin line was blank. 
 + + When executing an archive, MIS and MUTIL will now automatically append 
 +   2>nul redirect to prevent leaking error messages. 
 + ! Did a review of the FTP server code which resulted in a bug fix and a fix 
 +   of a memory leak when using passive and extended passive modes.  Server 
 +   stability has also been (hopefully) increased. 
 + ! Fixed a bug with QWK packet generation when message text lines are longer 
 +   than 255 characters.  This bug existed both in the BBS and the QWK 
 +   Networking engines. 
 + + Mystic-DOS "EDIT" command now also accepts "nano" and "notepad" for those 
 +   of you who have that stuck in your head. 
 + + Two new MCI codes to show message status of E-mail base: 
 +      MW : Shows the number of messages in your e-mail box 
 +      MU : Shows the number of unread messages in your mailbox 
 +   Note that these values are set to 0 until the MC (Check E-mail) menu 
 +   command is executed.  The values are calculated at that time. 
 + + New optional data option for menu command MC (Check E-mail): /SCAN 
 +   If /SCAN is supplied the MC command will only calculate the current 
 +   mailbox stats (total messages and unread messages) without having any 
 +   display or interaction with the user.  These values will be stored in 
 +   the MU and MW MCI codes. 
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