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 === Release News === === Release News ===
-**Mystic BBS 1.12 Alpha 42** was released ​on 2 February ​2019.+**Mystic BBS 1.12 Alpha 43** was released ​in March 2019.
 Recent changes, additions and fixes included: Recent changes, additions and fixes included:
-  * MUTIL now has a function to export a FILEBONE.NA file based on the file bases+  * Mystic'​s private user to user chat system ​now has a split screen chat option
-  * Echomail node crash limiter added to set restrictions on files sent via BINKP larger than X kilobytes.  +  * Mystic ​now has Mystic-DOS, a built in command shell console that allows for various disk and BBS functions ​ 
-  * MUTIL now allows loglevels to be defined ​in each specific stanza +  * Mystic now logs the user's country in the node log along with their IP and hostname 
-  * Mystic ​BINKP now sends the build date, time and operating system +  * MUTIL now has an AutoHatch function to automate periodic hatching ​of files from the file base. 
-  * Mystic BINKP now sends the queue size (# of files and total bytes) after authentication +  * Mystic ​Message Base and File Base editors ​now have an /U Unsubscribe option 
-  * Mystic ​will now log Python errors ​to the BBS node log  +  * The Echomail node editor now has three new options (Send Areafix/​Filefix/​Netmail) ​to selected ​node. 
-  * Increased the BINKP max file queue per session to 200 files, up from 100+  * System Configuration now has a log file viewer option in the Other menu.
 For the full details it's recommended you [[whats_new_112|check the latest additions]] to the WHATSNEW.TXT that ships with each Mystic release. For the full details it's recommended you [[whats_new_112|check the latest additions]] to the WHATSNEW.TXT that ships with each Mystic release.
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 === Content Focus === === Content Focus ===
-Work is underway documenting the [[config_howto|Configuring Mystic BBS]] and section of this site.+Work is underway documenting the [[config_howto|Configuring Mystic BBS]] section of this site along with updates to already created sections of the wiki. The [[config_howto#​other|Other]] section along with the [[config_howto#​servers|Servers]] section have been mostly completed. Work is now focused on the [[config_howto#​editors|Editors]] section.
-The [[http://​​doku.php?​id=start&​do=recent|Recent Changes]] link is your friend ​also to keep up with changes.+The [[http://​​doku.php?​id=start&​do=recent|Recent Changes]] link is your friend to keep up with latest ​changes.
-=== Wiki Errors ​=== +=== Looking for Something? ​=== 
-Spotted an error? Please let us know, email - avon [at] Wiki search is very helpful when it comes to finding something specific. It will search across all of the Wiki. A large chunk of the content here spans documented changes to Mystic that feature across assorted WHATSNEW.TXT updates. The Wiki search offers a quick way to find something specific you're looking for across all of those entries vs. manually looking in each.
-=== Featured Sections ​===+=== Wiki Errors ​=== 
-[[mutil_howto|Mystic Utilities (MUTIL)]] - completed documenting Mystic Utilities, otherwise known as “MUTIL” and the assorted functions you can run with this tool.+Spotted an error? Please let us know, email - avon [
-[[installation|Installation]] - describes basic steps you need to take to get a Mystic BBS up and running. Also contains information about terminal configurations,​ enabling SSH/SSL servers, and how to set up the spell checking feature in your Mystic BBS. 
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