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                If /NOREAD is provided, Mystic will not show messages that have been                If /NOREAD is provided, Mystic will not show messages that have been
                ​flagged as "​Read"​ by the user.                 ​flagged as "​Read"​ by the user. 
 +**MX - Post text file to message base**
 +         Data: <​File>;<​Base ID>;<​From>;<​To>;<​Subject>;​[Network To Address]
 +  Description:​ This menu command posts a text file to a message base.  It will allow
 +               a file up to 10,000 lines to be posted and will automatically split
 +               them into multiple posts of 1000 lines each if the post is more than
 +               1000 lines (including automatically appending a message count to the
 +               end of the subject ie: (1 of 3)"
 +               If you want to post an ANSI file, it should be saved with a 79 column
 +               width using a capable ANSI editor. ​ Mystic'​s own built in ANSI editor
 +               can save an ANSI file properly formatted for message posting by
 +               ​specifying a column length of 79 in the Save dialog. ​
 +               The optional data field is required for this to work, except for the
 +               ​Network Address field which is only required if you are posting to a
 +               ​NetMail base.  Each value should be separated by a semi-colon (;).
 +               The <​File>​ field contains the filename to post to the base.  This file
 +               ​should be a text file with up to 79 columns per line and up to 10,000
 +               ​lines.
 +               The <Base ID> is the Message Base ID as found in the Message Base Editor
 +               <​From> ​ The From field of the message
 +               <​To>​ The To field of the message
 +               <​Subject>​ The Subject of the message
 +               ​[Network Address] is the To network address used when posting to a
 +               ​NetMail base.  This field can be excluded when not posting Netmail.
 +               ​Examples:​
 +               ​c:​\mystic\temp1\msgtext.txt;​1;​g00r00;​All;​Statistics for January
 +               ​c:​\mystic\temp1\msgtext.txt;​3;​g00r00;​Avon;​Automated post;​21:​1/​101
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