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 **VN - Scan for New Questions** **VN - Scan for New Questions**
 +  Data: /F
 +  Scans for new voting booth questions that the user
 +  has not voted on and presents each question to the
 +  user for voting.
 +  If the /F option is supplied the user will be forced
 +  to vote on all new questions.
 **VR - View Results** **VR - View Results**
 **VV - View/Vote On Voting Booth Questions** **VV - View/Vote On Voting Booth Questions**
 +  Data: <Question #> /F or None
 +  This option allows the user to vote on questions in the voting
 +  booth.  If the optional data is blank then the user will be
 +  presented a list of all voting questions.
 +  If the Question number is supplied the user will be taken
 +  directly to the question # supplied in the optional data field.
 +  If /F is supplied along with a question number then the user will
 +  be forced to vote on the question.
 ----- -----
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