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     the BBS nodes.     the BBS nodes.
 +=== Q: How do I get files into a File Base that I've created? ===
 +    When you create a file base using the File Base Editor, you will specify a
 +    directory that will contain the files you want listed in the file base
 +    you are creating.
 +    Once that is done you will need to copy the files you want listed into that
 +    directory, and perform what is called a "Mass Upload" The "Mass Upload"
 +    scans all of the File Base directories and identifies new files that have
 +    not been imported into Mystic yet.  For each new file it finds, it will
 +    scan it for a FILE_ID file to get the description and create an entry in
 +    the file listing for the file.
 +    There are two ways to perform a Mass Upload in the Mystic ecosystem:
 +    The first way is to perform a mass upload by setting "MassUpload=true" in
 +    your MUTIL .INI file so that any time you execute "mutil" it will search
 +    for new files and add them to your BBS automatically.
 +    The second way is to run the "Mass Upload" SysOp function while logged into
 +    the BBS.  If you have SysOp access this is a more interactive way to perform
 +    the mass upload.  For each new file found, Mystic will ask you if you want
 +    to import it into the file listing.  If a description is not found for a
 +    file Mystic will give you the opportunity to provide the description.
 +    Files that have already been imported into the BBS can be edited directly in
 +    the file listing but pressing "E" when you have SysOp access.  This will open
 +    up the editor for that file where you can perform many functions including
 +    editing the file description using Mystic's message editor.  You can also use
 +    the online file listing editor SysOp command (/E by default with SysOp access)
 +    to open the editor from anywhere in the BBS.
 +    NOTE: When performing a mass upload, Mystic will be unable to extract the
 +    descriptions if the configured archive utilities are not available for Mystic
 +    to use (unzip, zip, rar, etc).    
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