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 ==== Downloading Cryptlib ==== ==== Downloading Cryptlib ====
-Download version ​ ​of Cryptlib ​using the Direct FTP link below. ​**//It is important ​to use this version with Mystic//**, if you try to use a different ​version you may run into security vulnerabilities or any number of other issues.+Download ​the latest ​version of Cryptlib ​from the following ​link below. It is important ​that the latest official ​version ​is used with Mystic, Using older / different ​versions ​may run you into security vulnerabilities or any 
 +number of other issues.
-Direct FTP Download​cryptlib/​​download.html 
 +Mirror of http://​​downloads/​ 
 +There seems to be an issue with the latest CryptLib with 32-bit Linux operating systems that will cause Mystic to crash upon startup. ​ If you experience this problem it may be worth trying an older version that can be downloaded from the Mystic website: 
 +Older version: http://​​downloads/
 ==== Windows ==== ==== Windows ====
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