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 +====== Edit New User Welcome ======
 +This option uses the inbuilt Mystic BBS text editor to open and edit newletter.txt
 +This file allows you modify a welcome template message that is sent to new users as BBS email just after they sign up for a user account.
 +Below is a screenshot of the Mystic editor in action.
 +                        File: c:​\mystic\data\newletter.txt
 +   ​Welcome to the BBS, new user!
 +   This message is automatically placed in your Email box upon completing the
 +   ​account application. ​ It can be customized or simply removed from the data
 +   ​directory to disable this feature.
 +   If you are a new Sysop who has just installed Mystic, you will want to
 +   ​upgrade yourself to Sysop security level, and also load mystic -cfg to
 +   set your BBS name, sysop name, feedback options, etc.
 +   Note: You must press "​D"​ to delete emails from your message box, otherwise
 +   they will be saved and shown to you upon each login.
 +    ESC/​Menu ​    ^J Jump   ^W Where   ^Y Delete ​  ^K Cut   ^U Uncut           1/12
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